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This blog is filled with my compassion for fishing.
I mostly gained my experience from seasonal fishing in the mountain areas of Valdres in Norway.
I've gained lots of experience from spending summerdays alongside the mountain lakes.

The last tree to four years I've been living in the southern parts of Norway, with easy access to the coast.
This blog is all about fishing in those areas mentioned above, giving you some advice and sharing my own experience.
Hopefully you will like this blog and give me any comments you like.

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To Lake Vaset

Fishing trips Posted on Jul 04, 2015 12:42PM

Finaly, there’s a better weather, and with a box full of wormbait, the course is set for Valdres and Lake Vaset.
It will be fun fishing for trout again, after many weeks of cold and rainy weather.

The date is June 27th, og and the mountain trout should be hungry now, after some days of warmth. The weather today is warm and sunny with some wind coming from the north. The bike is merely fitted into the back of the car, and fishing crazy Frank rushes off.
The wind is blowing from north to north-west when I approach the lake. This doesn’t promise well at all, but at least it’s not cold. Due to a horde of teenagers from Brennabu camp, and a screaming supervisor or teacher, there’s that hope of peace and quiet fading away. I try my best to ignore them and use my bike to get to pass a stupid gate/toll on the road. The molbos(a word for not so inteligent people) want 50 kroner for passing on this old bad dirt road. Haha. I’m just laughing inside, shaking my head as I go through the gate. I rather hurt my legs abd become disabled than providing the greedy people with money.

When I reach my destination, I try to find a hiding place for my bike, so that no imported criminal can steal it. I spot a fabulous fishing spot ahead, and start walking towards it, through loads of sharp small bushes and alongside the lake.

I cast my two fishing rods with wormbaits attached to the end, and wait.
Time for some coffee and biscuits while the fish locates my servings.

What a lovely day it is, even if the wind picks up a notch, with some cold sensation from snow covered mountains in the north.
Suddenly my floater is no where to be seen, and my pulse is raising. I fetch my rod and start to pull hard. There’s a fish on the other end, but it doesn’t feel very large or powerful at all. After a minute, a nice trout at 200 grams is caught. It’s laying shiny on the sand of Lake Vaset, and though not very large, it’s truly a beautiful sight.

Now the phase picks up, and in about half an hour, I get three additional trout, which two of them measures around half a kilo. Very beautiful fish indeed.

After I catch the last fish, the wind is getting stronger and shows off with white tip waves coming from the north-west.

The fisherman is pleased with everything and starts walking home, delighted by the first fish ever caught this year. smiley

Ronny goes online

General Posted on Apr 07, 2015 12:03PM

Finally my website has com alive and is published on the World Wide Web.

On my website you can find information about fishing, read stories of fishing, watch beautiful images, get advice and tips on how to fish and more.

It’s been fun and time consuming to finalize this site, and I hope some of you people out there will enjoy it.

Below is the address of the website.
If it doesn’t work when you left click it, just right click it and copy paste to your browser url.



Tips Posted on Apr 07, 2015 11:47AM

Does anybody have any advice, when it comes to fishing with rod from land, at the coast, using bait?
What kind of bait do you use and how do you fish with it?

Please leave a comment below and maybe I will include your advice on my website.

I appreciate getting advice/tips, that can improve the contents of my website.

Thank you



Cold winds, March 06 2014

Fishing trips Posted on Apr 07, 2015 11:44AM

After delivering my wife to work and my daughter in the kindergarten, I had many hours on my own with little to do. I decided to do something useful, so I went out to the coast near Knarvika at Kvaasefjorden in Hoevaag, to try a little fishing.

Hoevaag is located between Kristiansand(Vest Agder) and Lillesand(Aust Agder).

It was close to 9 in the morning, and I walked down to the sea, excited and hopeful.
It was slippery and wet on the rocks and the wind was ice cold. When I reached my favourite place, I didn’t believe what I saw. Someone had put a net all over the place, making it almost impossible to fish there. There were floaters all around.

I had to abandon my number one spot, and search for another good place I could fish. I found some rocks just nearby and started to fish with several different lures.

An hour passed by, but the fish just wouldn’t strike my lure. I was starting to get really cold now. The wind almost blew right through my thick clothes.

I tried Slukhalsen(famous lure for fishing cod) several times, but it seemed pretty hopeless. It started to rain and the wind became more cold.

After a long hour I decided to give up and go home.
At least I got som exercise and fresh air. Maybe next time…smiley

To Vallesverd, Hoevaag in Lillesand, March 17 2014

Fishing trips Posted on Apr 07, 2015 11:42AM

So it is time to adventure once again.smiley

This day I decided to try my luck at Vallesverdfjorden, not far from the old E18 in Hoevaag. It was a really a nice weather today, and the sun were showing itself most of the time. After many weeks of grey and windy weather this was, needless to say, good for the mind and body. It was a bit windy though, but that’s just normal.

Today I had brought with me half frozen shrimps that I wanted the cod to taste. The smell told me that this wasn’t fresh bait, but it would just have to do. The time was almost 1200 when I casted out the bait. I was fishing with the usual, sinker, hook and shrimp. I let the bait sink to the bottom and then fetched my second fishing rod, and attached my favourite lure, The Slukhals, to the swivel.

I fished with the lure for many minutes but I had no luck. Then suddenly, I see the line on my other fishing rod burst out. I run over to pick up the rod and pull it hard upwards. I instantly can tell there’s something on the other end of the line, enjoying the shrimp. I suspect it to be a flounder because of its movement and resistance. After a relatively short fight I get the fish closer to land, and I can spot a brownish flat fish. There’s no doubt, it is a flounder, and a pretty nice one too! Great! It had been a while since I had caught anything from fishing here, so this was really fun.

The flounder had swallowed the shrimp, so it took some minutes to get the hook out from deep inside its gills. A little blood and mess is all it took.
The fish gave me big hope and I throwed another shrimp out in the water again. It landed almost at the same place as before. I pick up the other rod and started fishing with a blueish 12 grams lure. I let the lure sink all the way to the bottom, and then start pick fishing for cod.
Almost right away something strikes, and a nice fish is hooked on. I’m excited to see what kind of fish this could be. After a minute or so the fish comes close enough for me to see it, and it is a very nice cod. It’s a little bit over one kilo, and perfect for dinner later on.

The wind is now picking up in strength, and I can feel the winter’s bite. It’s still just the month of March, and summer is still far away. The wind is cold and my hands get numb. The sun provides some help for a cold body, but not enough.

Time is now 1330, and it’s been a while since I caught that nice cod fish. My back is starting to ache a little bit, from standing and casting the lure for hours now. Then something happens!

The line from my other rod stretches fast outwards. My heart starts pounding and I race to pick up the rod. I strike the rod hard upwards to hook the fish. It feels heavy and it’s a bit tricky to get this fish close to land. The fish goes very deep and I really have to use force, even though the break on the reel is working. After some minutes of fighting it, a nice cod reveals itself near land. This has slightly different color than the last one. It’s a beautiful cod that will feed my family for sure.

Another half hour passes, and no sign of any more fish. The weather is not so bad now hence I’d caught some very nice fish so far. The last time I was in this place fishing, I had to quit after only an hour, due to the ferocious cold wind. It was much better today, the temperature swinging from six to nine degrees celsius.

What happens next is both tragic and comic, and first time I ever experience. I cast out a lure at a pretty nice distance. I start reeling it in and then suddenly my reel breaks down. The handle, for reeling in the fish, disappears into the deep waters next to me. Suddenly, I have nothing to use for reeling in the lure! That’s what you get for buying cheap equipment I think to myself.
I have to use two fingers and a hopelessly difficult method to reel in. But wait! There’s a fish striking the lure! How on earth am I gonna do this?

It takes some pure will of strength to gradually, inch by inch, reel this fish in, just using my two fingers. Finally after ten minutes the fish is close to land, and I can almost see it below in the waters. My two fingers are painful, but having a fish hooked on lightens the mood.

The fish is not mine yet though, and before you can say buy a new fishing reel, the fish unhooks and disappears into the deep. Ahh. What a sad end to a great day of fishing. smiley

Time is now 1500, and it’s about time to call it a day for now. All in all I caught one flounder and two cod, and that’s not bad at all.

Til next time and as they say in Norwegian, skitt fiske, which could translate to something like, happy fishing!smiley